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A Resource for Separation of Powers Law

April 28, 2011 Comments off

Welcome to the Separation of Powers Law web site!  The site is intended primarily as a resource for adopters of Separation of Powers Law:  Cases and Materials by Peter M. Shane and Harold H. Bruff, which will be published in its Third Edition in May, 2011 by Carolina Academic Press.  We will provide model syllabi to illustrate different potential uses for the book.  And, to help keep separation of powers courses current, we will provide links on the site to primary documents published after we went to press.  I will also be posting all the slides I used in my most recent teaching of the book.  Access to the slides will be password-protected and limited to actual adopters of the text.  Alas, because my most recent teaching of the book involved our Second Edition, the slides would have to be supplemented if used with the Third Edition — still, teachers may find them a useful resource for organizing their instructional approach.  I expect to teach from the Third Edition during 2012-13, when the slides will be updated on this site.

At any time, we would welcome suggestions for additions or improvements to the site.  Just contact me at shane.29 “at”, of course substituting @ for “at.”